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Charter School

This project was an attempt at making a design that translates an artifact/ruin on the riverfront of Savannah and turns it into a school for experiential learning. The assignment was made over a five week period using Revit, Rhino, and Lumion.

Statement of Intent

The Charter School for experiential learning stands as a playground for young minds to engage with their curriculum through action, reflection, conceptualization, and application. The challenge of the project was to view architecture as a textbook, something one can learn from as much as they can learn with. To do this the school must be honest, this honesty is achieve through visible structure and clear site lines, a student can see how the building is being held together as well as the environment they are surrounded by. The original artifact stands unaltered and integrated into the fabric of the building having been left for observers to see the transition from old to new, allowing the building to function as a template for timeless reflection and understanding. The school serves as a collaborative part of the student’s educational experience working as both classroom and teacher.

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