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Diving the Red Sea:
Life in the Grove

This project was to make a design that reconnected two peninsulas in Hurghada, Egypt. The objective was to create a space that reconnected the land and the sea while also including an interesting structural element and some form of augmented reaility. The assignment was made over a seven week period using Revit, Rhino, Lumion, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Procreate.

Statement of Intent

The goal of this project was to create a structure that helps to reengage the edge of the peninsulas, encourages ecotourism, and adds a level of augmented reality to the design. LIFE AT THE GROVE is an immersive experience that reconnects the visitor with the culture and nature of the area. The space is defined by a collection of columns that connect to create a canopy over an open-air space. Each column is designed with biomimicry in mind, working to emulate palm trees. Each palm has its own ecosystem beneath it serving as an alcove of mixed-used spaces. These spaces function similarly to a the bazaars found throughout the Mediterranean and work to highlight local craftsmen, cuisine, and culture. The palms act as both substructure and superstructure, holding the belvedere aloft while also shading it. Beneath the canopy emerges a large amphitheater with a butterfly roof The large s pace reengages the community with water in both an active and passive ways. Through projection on the bottom of the column and a thin sheet of switchable glass film, the spaces around the site over a completely immersive environment. The systems serve as a catalyst for engagement and reconnects life to the edge of the Red Sea. 

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