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Urban Art Community Center:
The Choice

This project was an exploration of parasitic architecture, discovering how it can have the potential to be beneficial. Parasitic architecture is about building off what there, relying on the existing in any form that takes: programmatically, structurally, or aesthetically. With this base, we were tasked with making a space that houses an urban art museum, galleries, food service, and apartments. The assignment was made over a seven week period using Revit, Rhino, Lumion, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Procreate.

Statement of Intent

This mixed-use coalition focuses on the creative, artistic spirit that permeates throughout the soul of Savannah and the people who were in it, centered around the every day person. These spaces were built to highlight, urban and contemporary art, which intern were created to highlight the ability that everyone has to create art. Not only does the collective experience allow the opportunity to showcase the many artists that are already in Savannah and the history behind them but it also serves to promote and empower, aspiring artists, or even those with passing interest. Classrooms in studio spaces are placed to allow for interested parties to fully explore art and gain both more skill and a better appreciation for it. These pieces then get placed along side and many others. Great artists of Savannah so that they can see where they’ve been, and where they can be. This project is about building up from a deep foundation, not getting rid of what’s there, but building from it. Like parasitic architecture, this program cannot exist without its host. That is why the parking garage is integral to the experience that one can have in the spaces. Both pedestrians and vehicles can experience the multilevel Broughton in a vertical setting, which allows  for visitors to traverse program as one would traverse a busy street. While moving through space, visitors can choose what they wanna experience, and where they want to experience it, not being relegated to one space or force to traverse the mall. Whether it be a tourist, looking to explore savan-na’s culture, and aspiring artist, trying to get their feet under them as they catch the next big break, or a handful of students looking for a place for their afternoon break, The Congress Street art center is the chance for all users to gain some thing out of their experience, Weatherby knowledge, a break, or inspiration.

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