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This project was a respond to the Lyceum Fellowship Competition Brief: Underland - Project for The Friesenhahn Cave Site The assignment was made over a five week period going starting with 1" = 30" conceptual massing models moving to a thorough exploration of our ideas with a site map, several section elevations, experiential sketches, and much more. 

Statement of Intent

Boundary and transition were key elements within the program for this project and I sought to expand on these notions as best I could. This design stemmed from my interest in the subterrain aspect of the site and has since evolved into an exploration of the threshold between over and under. At the core of this project, I wanted to create a clear boundary around the SZP line, highlighting the imaginary division with a physical application, as well as create an immersive experience that emphasized the uniqueness of the site. Using an underground channel and above ground path, I created the boundary I wanted while also encouraging movement and allotting space for congregation. By submerging the program, I created a dichotomy between above and below, which helps to bring sophistication to my exploration of the subterrain while calling attention to the uniqueness of the site. 

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