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An Environmental Outreach Center

This project was an attempt at making an environmental outreach center in Thunderbolt, Georgia. The design had serve as a place of learnnig that let visitors engage with the beautiful salt marsh while still catering to the climatic conditions of the site. The assignment was made over a seven week period using Revit, Lumion, and Photoshop.

Statement of Intent

The core of the project is the environment and its connection to both the people who interact with it as well as the center that's placed on it. Re//engage is about facilitating engagement through directed and undirected spaces. Allowing for individuals to determine their own depth of interaction, connecting with the environment as much as they want to. The site offers multiple different pathways and directions in which the individual can take, there is no one path to engagement nor is there one path on the site. The center itself is designed to highlight the environment around it, working with the natural marsh environment through sustainable practices as well as environmentally conscious placements.

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